Picture Books About Stuttering: Roundup and Review

August 28, 2023
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There are many great picture books that deal with stuttering! Stories can help kids connect with ideas about stuttering in an accessible and non-threatening way. Since our last list was published, some wonderful new books have been released that we are excited to share with you, along with a few classics.

I Talk Like a River

Written by Jordan Scott

Illustrated by Sydney Smith

Why We Love It:

I Talk Like a River follows a kid who stutters through a particularly rough day at school, and into the evening where his dad comes up with a perfect metaphor for his stutter. Jordan Scott is a poet and you can feel it in every line of this lyrical book. It doesn’t shy away from the difficulty of stuttering, but it also shows how connection with family can help.

Brayden Speaks Up

Written by Brayden Harrington

Illustrated by Betty C. Tang

Why We Love It:

Brayden Harrington is a real kid who stutters and gave a speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. His picture book tells that story, and its message is right on: Brayden stutters proudly during his speech, and that’s why he’s a success. We love to pair this book with a video of Brayden’s speech so that kids can hear it for themselves!

Santa Stutters, Too!

Why We Love It:

Lighthearted and fun, Santa Stutters, Too! gets readers having fun with stuttering by joining in with Santa’s “ho-ho-ho’s!” From the ho-ho-hole in his sock to the ho-ho-homes of the children he visits, Santa stutters in his jolly way and learns how patient his listeners can be.

Steggie's Stutter

Written and illustrated by Jack Hughes

Why we love it:

Children who stutter are likely to encounter people who interrupt them rather than allowing them to finish what they are saying. In this book, Steggie the dinosaur's friends learn the value of letting their friend finish her sentences. Young readers will easily connect to the straightforward story and enjoy this book’s delightful illustrations.

When Oliver Speaks!

Written by: Kimberly Garvin & Saadiq Wicks

Illustrated by: Anthony Tyrone Howard

Why we love it:

When Oliver Speaks! is an inspiring story of a boy with many talents and interests who also happens to stutter. He doesn't want to give a class presentation, and puts it off until the last day. He works with his mother to embrace his stutter and tackle the assignment head-on. We love the use of illustrations and well-placed bolded text that truly add to the story. Need another reason to love this book? Saadiq Wicks, one of the authors, is a person who stutters and wrote this book at age 13!


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