Success Stories

At the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS) clients discover a place where they know they are understood and supported — a place where they can free their voice.
“I’m talking more. I’m doing more things that scare me.”
People who stutter share the challenges they face due to stuttering, and how therapy at AIS has helped.
“You know you’re not alone”: AIS parents talk about their experiences
Parents of AIS clients talk about how AIS therapy changed their relationship to their kids' stuttering and the community AIS provides.
“I don’t think stuttering is about control”
AIS Atlanta client Bibi talks about how her view on stuttering has shifted since coming to therapy.
"Why Stuttering is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me"
Benjamin's AIS Gala Speech 2019
"I have come to recognize the importance of my voice"
Taylor's AIS Gala Speech 2019
AIS has taught me effective managing techniques, as well as the confidence and grace to overcome my fear of stuttering. I highly recommend AIS.
Ben V.
After trying traditional speech therapy, we took our son to AIS in Atlanta. Margaret's understanding of all aspects of stuttering, and her ability to connect with our son, has been life-changing for our entire family. The teletherapy option has been a game-changer for us, allowing us to easily have weekly or bi-weekly sessions. If you are looking for stuttering help, skip the other speech programs. This is the help you are looking for!
Amy N.
There are rare people in your life who you meet for the first time and know they will change your life. I have been stuttering for more than 20 years now and Carl is the first therapist who actually understood my stuttering even better than I did. It has resulted in increased confidence for me in all kinds of situations be it social or professional and increased fluency has come as an unexpected byproduct. Not to mention, the financial support they gave me given my current financial status as a grad student.
Dhruva K.
AIS gives you practical tools for your personal and professional life. They are supportive and understanding throughout your stuttering journey.
AIS changed my life. They helped me gain confidence with my stuttering and they helped me become a more effective communicator.
Wonderful place filled with wonderful, helpful people.
Dan M.
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