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A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization offering expert speech therapy and community support for people of all ages who stutter. Financial assistance available.
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For over twenty years, the American Institute for Stuttering has helped thousands of individuals from over a dozen countries worldwide speak freely and live fearlessly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover answers to common question about AIS
Why AIS? How is therapy at AIS different from other therapy I have received?

Many clients who come to AIS have had therapy elsewhere- telling us they primarily focused on speech and breathing strategies to gain control. In most cases, they’ve had some success but found it difficult to maintain. Our approach to stuttering therapy sets us apart. At AIS, we take a holistic, individualized approach and help you maintain your success over time. You will not only discover exceptional individual treatment, you will become part of true community of others who stutter.

We address the physical aspects of stuttering – as well as the negative emotions and thoughts that can accompany it. AIS treatment draws extensively from avoidance reduction therapy, acceptance and commitment approaches, and rational emotive behavioral therapy.

Something else that sets us apart? The therapists at AIS have received specialty training to work exclusively with people who stutter. The vast majority of speech therapists are trained as generalists and are not able to meet the unique needs of people who stutter.

At AIS, we take a team approach to treatment. Our entire staff is dedicated to creating a truly supportive environment for our clients – and the people who love them.

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How much is therapy, do you accept insurance?

We are dedicated to making therapy affordable for all, regardless of financial situation. While we are not in-network with insurance providers, many of our clients receive all or partial coverage through their out-of-network health insurance policy.

We also offer financial assistance to help with the cost of therapy for those who need it. We understand that therapy may be cost prohibitive, so our aid packages are readily available.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

We offer financial aid and scholarships to all those who need it. We understand that therapy may be cost prohibitive, and so our aid packages are readily available.

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How long will I be in therapy for?

Just as people are unique in terms of their stuttering, every person’s treatment is different. Some clients work with us for just a few sessions, while others remain in treatment for months or years.

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What is your success rate?

At AIS, in addition to helping people become more fluent in their speech, we measure success according to how well our clients are able to speak their minds without fear or struggle. We do not show “before and after” videos because we know that the speech fluency achieved at the conclusion of many treatments may be unfortunately short-lived. Research confirms that our therapy is effective in helping people remove the barriers of their stuttering. When surveyed, over 95% of AIS clients said that they would recommend AIS to a friend.

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Do you only work with people who stutter or can you help with other speech issues?

We primarily work with people with speech fluency disorders, which includes stuttering, cluttering, psychogenic stuttering and neurogenic stuttering. Many individuals who stutter also have other speech or language challenges such as problems with articulation/phonology, expressive language, comprehension and processing, and social language pragmatics difficulties related to ADHD or Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The therapists at AIS have the knowledge, training, and experience to incorporate these challenges into treatment.

Are you able to work with people who are bilingual?

The AIS therapists work primarily in English, however, most clients find that their AIS therapy is applicable to their non-English language(s) as well. We are sensitive to the needs of multi-lingual speakers and consult with outside professionals to assist when needed.

Learn more about our speech therapy and support services for: Preschoolers, Kids, Parents, Teens, and Adults.

Do you have evening and weekend availability?

We do! We understand the challenges of scheduling and try to work with you to find a time that works.

Check out our upcoming events and Contact Us to set up your first appointment.

Is Tele-practice effective for stuttering therapy?

Yes! For most clients, tele-practice is not only convenient but just as effective as in-person sessions. While it is challenging to work directly with very young children over the internet, parents can still work with a therapist to learn helpful strategies to help their child.
Tele-practice provides the added benefit of being able to bring clients together who would not otherwise be able to attend group sessions because of scheduling issues. Many clients report that this group work is critical to their continued progress.

Learn more about Online Therapy at AIS and Contact Us to get started.

Are there opportunities for SLP training?

With AIS currently working via tele-practice, we are not currently offering internship opportunities. Our therapists are available for individual and group training and consultation/case review. Scholarship assistance for these trainings is available on a first-come-first come basis!

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Why do I have to have a consultation before beginning therapy?

The consultation will give you the opportunity to talk with one of the AIS therapists about your personal stuttering journey- how you stutter, how you think and feel about it, and how it has impacted you. You will get a sense of what treatment would be like and have your individual questions answered.

5 Things to Expect in a Stuttering Consultation at AIS

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