AIS provides universally affordable, holistic stuttering therapy online.

Our certified speech-language pathologists (SLP) offer individual services and group workshops for children, teens, and adults. We have offered teletherapy services for over 10 years, and many clients have found working with a speech therapist online to be an excellent alternative to face-to-face services. Our online speech therapy service is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and easily accessible through video conferencing on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone with an internet connection.

What services are offered online?

We offer the majority of our services remotely. These include:

  • Individual consultation sessions
  • Stuttering evaluations
  • Customized, individual therapy sessions for school-aged children, teens, and adults
  • Treatment and counseling sessions for parents of pre-school children
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Support groups
  • Speciality workshops including public speaking, improvisation, story-telling

What approach does AIS take in online stuttering therapy?

When it comes to stuttering, stammering, and speech fluency, our team of speech-language pathologists (SLP) “get it.” Often, the more you try to be fluent, the harder it can be to speak.

And while hiding stuttering can seem to work for a while, avoidance often becomes the most damaging aspect of stuttering.  

Our approach to speech pathology accounts for these and the other, often confusing aspects of stuttering.

We help clients find their authentic voice by instilling more healthy, rational mind-sets about stuttering, overcoming their individual speaking fears and avoidance behaviors, and exploring physical strategies to decrease stuttering tension.

Learn more about our services for parents, school-aged kids, teens, and adults.

Aren’t young children too young to do online therapy?

We find that children in the younger school-age range (ages 5 to 7) are often able to make great progress in remote sessions.

For preschool-aged or young children, we work with parents/caregivers to help them implement ways to modify the child’s speaking environment and provide their child support to keep them speaking confidently.

While it is often challenging to directly engage the pre-school child over the internet, we can often accomplish a great deal for a child’s stutter by working primarily with the parents, utilizing video clips of the child as necessary, and gradually engaging the child more and more into sessions.  

Learn more about our support for parents and therapy for preschoolers.

Does online stuttering therapy work?

For years our clients have told us that their teletherapy sessions are as effective and helpful as their in-person sessions. Recent clinical research has validated this observation.

Some advantages of teletherapy include:

  • Ability to attend therapy when transportation is limited
  • Ability to engage family members in sessions who might not otherwise be able to attend
  • Incorporating items in the home environment into therapy sessions
  • Easier scheduling
  • The comfort of not traveling and being in your own home

How do I get started?

Contact us at our offices in New York or Atlanta, and we'll help you make your first virtual appointment. As always at AIS, we're able to offer financial assistance to help with the cost. Call or email today!

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