Stuttering impacts much more than just the individual who stutters; it effects the entire family. We know that imperfect parenting is not the cause of stuttering. However, the good news is that parents can often make modifications that improve both their child’s speech fluency and confidence.

How we Help Parents

Children who stutter show extremely varied patterns of struggle, overall communication skills, and stuttering awareness. These and other variables influence the course of therapy. In many cases, the best course of treatment involves parent training and support. This treatment includes:

  • Sorting through the often contradictory information available on stuttering so you are fully educated and able to make informed decisions regarding your child’s care
  • Identifying and modifying possible environmental factors that trigger the individual child’s stuttering. These suggestions often include changing aspects of how you communicate with your child and how you address stuttering with him or her
  • Meeting and learning from other parents who are going through similar experiences
  • Modeling and promoting ways to speak with greater ease and confidence, regardless of whether stuttering continues

Services Offered

  • Consultation sessions. We are available for single sessions to help parents review their concerns and have their questions about stuttering answered.
  • One-on-one sessions with frequency and scheduling based on your unique needs. We will create a plan for helping you support your child’s communicative ease and confidence and review progress along the way.
  • Parent Workshops. An opportunity to discuss issues about stuttering treatment in children with others who are experiencing similar challenges.

Stuttering Facts

  • Around 8% of children show signs of stuttering
  • Around 75-80% of pre-schoolers who demonstrate stuttering, do not continue to stutter as adults
  • Certain factors-including familial stuttering history, gender, and overall language profile-influence the chance of persistence

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