Today's teens face a myriad of challenges. Stuttering can make middle school and high school years even more difficult. The certified speech-language pathologists at AIS understand how stuttering can impact socializing, participating in school, and truly speaking one's mind. 

By the time they enter middle school or high school, many students have had lots of therapy that focused primarily on increasing their fluency by working on their breathing or other physical tactics to "control" their speech. At AIS, we take a quite different approach - one that strips away the underlying avoidance behaviors and negative thoughts and emotions that trigger more stuttering and physical struggle. Our aim is to make teens comfortable with themselves and their speech. 

Our warm and compassionate stuttering specialists are licensed and certified by ASHA (the American Speech-Language Hearing Association), and have worked with hundreds of teens who stutter to free their voices and change their lives. 

How we help teens who stutter and their caregivers 

We take a holistic approach to therapy, developing an individualized treatment plan after exploring their challenges, needs, and personal goals. Speech therapy sessions for teens typically include:

  • "De-mystifying stuttering." We discuss fact-based information about stuttering and how to educate others about stuttering when they inquire
  • Reducing negative emotional responses to stuttering. Speaking can become unmanageable in situations where the speaker has more concern and fear about the repercussions of stuttering. We use cognitive-behavioral treatment and other approaches to reduce anticipation, fear, and other negative emotions, which are often at the core of the problem. 
  • Building communication confidence. Many teens who stutter do not present themselves confidently because they are so concerned about their speech. Treatment includes exercises to gradually build skills to exude confidence when communicating.
  • Developing effective communication skills. Many teens have hidden themselves from truly exploring their expressive language abilities. At AIS, teens work to develop their overall language skills for public speaking, everyday conversations, telecommunications, and more. 

Speech Therapy Services AIS Offers for Teens

Many teenagers who stutter present with additional communication challenges. The speech therapists (SLPs) at AIS are trained to address these additional difficulties, which may include:

  • Articulation/ phonological disorders - These include difficulties producing specific speech sounds 
  • Autism /developmental disabilities - Includes difficulties with social aspects of communication and understanding figurative language
  • Language-based learning disability and language disorders - Includes difficulties with word-finding, formulating ideas, and comprehension. 

What to expect from a Teen Speech Therapy Consultation 

Teens meet with a speech therapist who gathers personal history information and evaluate aspect of their speech and language skills. We assess secondary behaviors (like foot tapping), word and situational avoidance behaviors. We discuss how the teen thinks and feels about their speech, how stuttering has affected different aspects of their life, and specific personal goals. This information is used to make recommendations for an individual treatment plan. 

During the consultation, we also address the teen and family's specific questions and concerns and explain what therapy sessions will be like.

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Concerned About the Cost of Therapy?

As a 501c3, we are dedicated to providing top-quality therapy and support services to all people who stutter, regardless of financial limitations. 

Financial assistance for the consultation and treatment are available through our scholarship program.

Learn more about Financial Assistance at AIS

Get Started With AIS Today

AIS therapists are experienced speech-language pathologists and well trusted by the stuttering community. We also offer services for parents, as well as services for preschoolers, young children, and adults. Services are available in New York City, Atlanta, and Online. To schedule your initial consultation, contact AIS at (212) 633-6400 or at You can also contact AIS directly here.

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