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Dr. Heather Grossman Interviewed on Enhance Life with Music Podcast
April 4, 2023
Listen to Dr. Heather Grossman on the @EnhanceLifeMusic podcast as she discusses stuttering and music with Mindy Peterson, NCTM - Ep. 154: How does music impact stuttering? With Dr. Heather Grossman, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F
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AIS's new LA office featured in Santa Monica Daily Press
October 18, 2022
AIS Director Dr. Heather Grossman and AIS - Los Angeles Clinic Director Gregory Scott interviewed about bringing AIS's innovative approach to stuttering therapy to Southern California
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Richard Herder joins NSAW panel for Proud Stutter
May 31, 2022
Richard Herder (father of AIS clinician, Carl Herder) joined Mariam Elba and Mike Meaney as panelists for a Proud Stutter Podcast event celebrating National Stuttering Awareness Week, hosted by Maya Chupkov. Panelists discussed ways to create safe spaces for people who stutter. Carl Herder joined in the discussion as well.
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AIS Director Heather Grossman Interviewed by KQED
May 11, 2022
During National Stuttering Awareness Week, Heather Grossman was interviewed for a KQED story featuring Maya Chupkov (Proud Stutter Podcast), Nina G (Comedian), and Gina Davis (Psychologist).
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Does your child stutter? Help for Parents
April 26, 2022
A helpful article for parents of children who stutter on the Motherhood Later blog, written by our director, Heather Grossman.
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Heather Grossman interviewed by Authority Magazine
November 26, 2021
AIS Director, Dr Heather Grossman, on the 5 things parents can do to help their children thrive and excel in school.
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