Looking for quality speech therapy for stuttering in California? AIS provides universally affordable stuttering therapy in Los Angeles and across the state in an online teletherapy model. Our certified speech-language pathologists offer individual services and group workshops for children, teens, and adults.

How a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist at AIS Can Help

At the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS), we take an innovative approach to therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, and psychological components of stuttering. Our kind and experienced speech-language pathologists can help you work on all of the various aspects of stuttering while providing support and guidance to help people speak freely and live fearlessly.

What is Speech Therapy for Stuttering?

Many assume that therapy for stuttering is centrally focused on physical techniques to improve fluency, while in actuality, the most effective therapy addresses much more than the physical aspects. It is a collaborative process of developing and enacting a plan to eliminate the negative impacts of stuttering and maximize communication skills. In order to have a positive and lasting impact, it is critical to address underlying feelings, beliefs, and avoidance behaviors, in addition to a physical struggle.

Online Speech Therapy Services in Los Angeles, Santa Clara & throughout California

Heather Grossman, Los Angeles fluency stuttering therapist

We currently offer one-on-one and group stuttering therapy services in-person at our office in Santa Monica, as well as in an online teletherapy model via Zoom. Our services are available across California, including but not limited to Los Angeles, Santa Clara, San Fransisco, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Mountain View, Oakland, and Riverside.

Our speech pathologists have specific expertise in helping people with speech fluency disorders (stuttering, cluttering, neurogenic and psychogenic stuttering) and providing support for their families.

Pediatric Speech Therapy for Pre-schoolers

Speech therapists at AIS offer treatment at all stages of language development. There's no need to wait! While some pre-schoolers outgrow stuttering, others don't - and early intervention can help increase the chances of stuttering resolving. Learn more about AIS therapy for pre-schoolers.

Pediatric Speech Therapy for Kids

AIS empowers children to speak fearlessly by developing outstanding communication skills, reducing negative thoughts and emotions about their speech, and learning to physically manage moments of stuttering without struggle or secondary recoil behaviors. We reach out to teachers and school districts to ensure that each child's environment provides maximum support. Learn more about AIS therapy for kids.

Speech Therapy for Stuttering Teens & Adults

It's never too late to learn to effectively manage stuttering. Whether you've had bad therapy, great therapy, or no therapy in the past, AIS can provide new skills to teens and adults who are looking for ways to transcend stuttering and live full lives free of worry about their speech.

Learn more about AIS' stuttering therapy for teens and adults.

Group Therapy Sessions for Stuttering

Many people who stutter report that meeting others who stutter is life-changing. We are proud of our robust community, which keeps growing through group therapy sessions and other events, many free to AIS clients. Events are available both in-person and online. Learn more about or group therapy and supports groups, and check out upcoming AIS events.

Professional Speech Therapy Training

Many speech therapists who carry the "CCC-SLP" at the end of their name do not have time to acquire specific expertise or board-certified specialization in fluency disorders. For therapists who are interested in adding stuttering treatment to their toolbox, we offer a variety of training options, both at our physical offices and via phone or video for maximum accessibility.

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Financial Assistance for Stuttering Therapy in California

As a non-profit private practice, we offer universally affordable speech-language pathology services to help children and adults who stutter regardless of financial need. All clients are invited to apply for financial assistance. Please fill out this short form, and we will send you an email with steps to complete the financial assistance application.

Learn more about financial assistance.

Start Stuttering Therapy Today: Speak with a Speech Pathologist (SLP) at AIS

Our outstanding team of speech pathologists is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and focuses exclusively on the assessment and treatment of stuttering. They combine this specialization with broad-based training that allows them to treat stuttering in any context, including but not limited to:  autism, expressive language disorders, articulation disorders, aphasia, apraxia, cognitive-communication disorders, voice disorders, and more.

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