A Midwest native, Gregory first came to AIS on a whim, as a grad student looking for a summer adventure in New York City. Little did he know that first internship, helping out with AIS’s immersion program, would change his life. He fell hard for the AIS approach, with its emphasis on radical self-acceptance, and returned to his home in Minneapolis, MN, committed to making stuttering the center of his practice. For six years, he worked as the official in-house Stuttering Consultant for Minneapolis Public Schools, in addition to launching a stuttering-only private practice, the first of its kind in the Twin Cities. Today, he is thrilled to expand AIS’s unique approach to the West Coast, where he currently serves as Clinic Director for AIS's brand new Los Angeles office. He lives in Santa Monica, CA.

5 Things to Know About

Gregory Scott

Received his Masters degree in Speech-Language-Hearing Science from the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities. He also holds an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and French
Prior to attending graduate school for speech pathology, worked for 9 years as a magazine writer and art critic, publishing gallery reviews, artist profiles, and trend essays for local and national print publications.
Won a fellowship through the Stuttering Foundation to train with researchers at the renowned Lang Stuttering Institute at the University of Texas, Austin
Has a distinct interest in stuttering in the pre-school population and enjoys guiding parents through the confusing terrain of treatment options for this young age
Speaks French, and spent time after graduation teaching English in two middle schools in the South of France.
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