Looking for quality stuttering therapy in New Jersey? AIS provides universally affordable speech and language therapy across the state via online teletherapy. Our certified speech-language pathologists offer individual and group services for children, teens, and adults.

How a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist at AIS Can Help

At AIS, we take an innovative approach to therapy that integrates the physical, emotional, and psychological components of stuttering. Our experienced clinicians help people speak freely and live fearlessly by providing guidance and support to treat all of the various aspects of stuttering.

What is Speech Therapy for Stuttering?

Stuttering therapy is much more than physical techniques to improve fluency. It is a collaborative process of creating and executing a plan to eliminate the negative impacts of stuttering and maximize communication skills. In order to have a positive and lasting impact, our therapists work with clients to understand underlying feelings, beliefs, and avoidance behaviors, in addition to physical struggle.

AIS Provides Comprehensive Online Speech Therapy Services in Jersey City, Montclair, & throughout New Jersey

We currently offer one-on-one and group stuttering therapy services in an outpatient teletherapy model via Zoom. We provide services across New Jersey, including but not limited to Jersey City, Holmdel, Edison, Newark, Paramus, Cherry Hill, Montclair, Lakewood, and Union.

Our speech pathologists are dedicated to providing expert services to help people with speech fluency disorders (stuttering, cluttering, and more) and their families.

Pediatric Speech Therapy for Pre-schoolers

When a child starts stuttering in preschool, parents can receive confusing advice about whether to start therapy. At AIS we provide expert support for families as they consider the options. We evaluate each child individually and collaborate with parents to develop a plan that fits. Learn more about AIS therapy for pre-schoolers.

Pediatric Speech Therapy for Kids

Stuttering changes as kids grow! The kind and experienced speech pathologists at AIS help every child express themself fully. We help kids develop communication skills, reduce physical struggle behaviors around stuttering, and manage negative thoughts and feelings about their speech. Learn more about AIS therapy for kids.

Speech Therapy for Stuttering Teens & Adults

AIS welcomes clients of all ages who want to work on their speech and reduce the negative impact of stuttering on their lives. Our expert speech therapists draw on a wide range of techniques to address not only physical behaviors, but patterns of negative thinking around stuttering, to allow every client to live a full life free from worry about their speech. Learn more about AIS therapy for teens and adults.

Group Therapy Sessions for Stuttering

AIS offers a wide range of group opportunities, from support groups to workshops to our speaker series. Most events are offered virtually, so you can log in anywhere from Wildwood to Parsippany. Preview our current calendar, and learn more about our group therapy and support groups.

Professional Speech Therapy Training

Many speech therapists who carry the "CCC-SLP" at the end of their name do not have time to acquire specific expertise in fluency disorders. For therapists who are interested in adding stuttering treatment to their toolbox, we offer a variety of training options.

Financial Assistance for Stuttering Therapy in New Jersey

As a non-profit private practice, we offer universally affordable speech-language pathology services regardless of financial need. While we do not accept insurance, all clients are invited to apply for financial assistance. Please fill out this short form if you would like to receive our brief application, or learn more about financial assistance here.

Start Stuttering Therapy Today, Speak with A Speech Pathologist (SLP) at AIS

Our world-class team of speech language pathologists are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and focus exclusively on the assessment and treatment of stuttering. They combine this focus with wide-ranging training so they can treat stuttering in any context, including but not limited to:  autism spectrum disorders, expressive language disorders, articulation disorders, aphasia, apraxia, auditory processing disorders, language delays, dysphagia, brain injury, cognitive communication disorders, voice disorders, swallowing disorders, Parkinson's, and other disabilities and impairments.

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Frequently asked questions

Here is a sample of frequently asked questions about stuttering - see this FAQ article for more!

  • Can you go to speech therapy for stuttering? Absolutely! If you are a person who stutters, we encourage you to seek out a speech therapist with specialized knowledge about stuttering.
  • What is the best treatment for stuttering? At AIS, our treatment strategy is based on a thorough understanding of the research and the lived experiences of our hundreds of clients who stutter. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond just reducing struggle in the moment and also addresses emotional and cognitive responses to stuttering.
  • Can a speech therapist cure a stutter? Most people who stutter in later childhood will continue to stutter to some degree throughout their lives. That's why for many of our clients, we don't focus on a "cure"; instead, we work to reduce struggle and empower our clients to speak freely, communicate effectively and live fearlessly in all aspects of their lives.
  • What is stuttering? All people experience some disfluency - such as hesitations, revisions, or repetitions - in the course of normal speech. Stuttering is a specific type of disfluency where the speaker experiences a loss of control over the motor movements of speech. It usually manifests as sounds or syllable being repeated, sounds being prolonged, or blocks where no speech at all emerges.
  • What is the average length of treatment for a stutter? Length of treatment varies widely. Some clients come for a few sessions, while others choose to continue working on their stuttering for months or even years. Therapists collaborate with clients to create individual treatment plans, which can be modified as needs change.
  • What are the possible causes of a stutter? We currently know that stuttering comes from a combination of risk factors you are born with, and developmental and environmental factors that allow those risk factors to surface as stuttering behavior. Risk factors include family history of stuttering, male sex, and speech and language development as a child.

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