Margaret is a speech therapist at the AIS Atlanta office. A strong advocate for client-centered therapy, Margaret works with each individual to craft a personalized treatment approach.

5 Things to Know About

Margaret Miller

Studied Speech-Language Pathology at the top-ranked University of Iowa after obtaining a degree in Literature from Yale University.
Completed her clinical fellowship at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and has served veterans at the VA in both Atlanta and Minneapolis.
Draws on a wide range of speech, cognitive, and desensitization therapy principles to enable every person she works with to conquer fear and communicate easily and authentically.
Fell in love with stuttering therapy at the UI Speaks Camp for children and teens who stutter, where activities included speaking challenges, group therapy, and a pontoon boat trip dressed as pirates.
Spends her free time embroidering, editing podcasts, and traveling to the Atlanta suburbs to hunt down vintage perfumes at estate sales.
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