Margaret is a speech therapist at the AIS Atlanta office. A strong advocate for client-centered therapy, Margaret works with each individual to craft a personalized treatment approach.

5 Things to Know About

Margaret Miller

Studied Speech-Language Pathology at the top-ranked University of Iowa after obtaining a degree in Literature from Yale University.
Completed her clinical fellowship at the Atlanta VA Medical Center and has served veterans at the VA in both Atlanta and Minneapolis.
Draws on a wide range of speech, cognitive, and desensitization therapy principles to enable every person she works with to conquer fear and communicate easily and authentically.
Is fully trained in state-of-the-art stuttering treatments including Palin Parent-Child Interaction therapy (PCI) and Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS®).
Spends her free time embroidering, editing podcasts, and traveling to the Atlanta suburbs to hunt down vintage perfumes at estate sales.
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