A mainstay at AIS since 2010, Bridget is the friendly face you see when you first walk in the door and the upbeat voice who greets you on the phone. She’s keeps the team organized – and makes sure that clients have everything they need to receive the best treatment possible.

5 Things to Know About

Bridget Scully

Has a passion for service and helping others. She spent one year volunteering for AmeriCorps.
Holds a Bachelor Of Arts from Rutgers University.
Worked as a mentor, tutor and a leader of community projects for an organization that focuses on improving education in New York City.
Has said that working at AIS has been the most inspiring and rewarding job she’s ever had. “Seeing a diverse group of people come together to help each other reminds me how powerful kindness and compassion can be”
Wants to see as much of the world as she can. She’s lived in South Africa and visited South America. Next on her list – Asia.
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