AIS offers an extremely unique and effective one-week immersion program for both teens and adults. This is an intensive treatment program where participants spend 6 full days learning and practicing strategies for managing the physical, emotional/affective, and cognitive aspects of stuttering. All of our sessions are lead by our warm and experienced ASHA certified speech-language pathologists who are specialists in treating fluency disorders.

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We run separate programs for adults and teens in both the New York and Atlanta offices. The immersion program is an opportunity to turbo-charge your success toward becoming a fearless, highly effective communicator. You will gain tremendous benefits in a short time frame and will receive follow-up post treatment services and support to ensure your continued progress after the program ends. The program fee includes unlimited access to our practice and support groups. 

We invite you to learn more about how the program might benefit you. 

Our Approach to Immersion Therapy

Our treatment approach is one-of-a-kind. Other intensive programs promise that upon completion, participants will be fluent.  However, many stutterers find such gains are short-lived and that these fluency shaping techniques only seem to work in very low-stress situations. After years of refinement, we have distilled our intensive programs down to a highly impactful 6-day program that will directly and immediately improve your day-to-day life. 

We understand that you may be researching other intensive stuttering therapy programs. What sets us apart? The AIS immersion program incorporates both group therapy and individual speech therapy. You’ll get the best of both worlds – personalized attention and the benefits of working alongside other people who stutter. 

Here's why the AIS immersion program is truly different and life-changing:

  • You’ll become less reactive to your stuttering: We call it desensitization. You will participate in activities designed to reduce your fear and negative reactions to stuttering and about speaking in challenging situations. You will learn what factors trigger tense, avoidant stuttering behaviors - and how best to handle them. 
  • You’ll develop a healthier attitude about your stuttering and become more accepting of yourself. The technical term for this is cognitive restructuring. You will learn to hold less fearful, more helpful thoughts about stuttering and your ability to communicate effectively. Our speech therapy incorporates avoidance reduction, mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and positive psychology to help you shift to a healthier view of stuttering.
  • You’ll gain valuable speech and stuttering modification tools. You’ll learn ways to reduce the physical struggle that accompanies stuttering moments, to move through tense moments of stuttering more easily, and will discover your own natural speech fluency.
  • You’ll become a more effective communicator. You’ll engage in activities that help to improve overall communication and public speaking skills in social, academic, and career settings.
  • You’ll learn how to transfer all of these skills to your day-to-day life. At AIS, you don’t just practice these skills in our office. We provide extensive opportunities for you to engage in real, everyday activities  – with group challenges and strategies designed to help you maintain and continue achieving progress after your immersion program ends. We will help you develop the skills to talk openly about stuttering to peers, colleagues, and family members. 

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Who Runs the Immersion Program? 

We take a team approach...

All of the speech-language pathologists at AIS have advanced training in treatment for people with speech fluency disorders, and all are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). 

Benefits of Immersion Stuttering Therapy

The AIS immersion therapy approach has evolved over the last 20 years in response to actual client treatment outcomes and updated professional research. You're likely wondering, “Does it work?”

When assessing personal success in therapy, we consider:

  • Do you feel a greater sense of personal freedom?
  • Has your communication self-confidence improved?
  • Do you say what you want to say? 
  • Do you feel you have the ability to effectively manage your speech without struggle?

At AIS, we measure success by clients gaining the skills they need to live authentically and approach every speaking situation confidently. Countless client testimonials reflect the effectiveness of our treatment. 

Here is what the research says:

  • In a study by Ryan Pollard, Ph.D. (2012), a clinical trial of all participants who completed the AIS intensive program showed significant reduction in the frequency and length of their stuttering blocks. Most showed a 50-60% reduction.
  • A study of data from all AIS intensive programs from 2010-2015 showed the following outcomes:
  • 98% of clients self-reported significant improvement in their quality of life as a result of the program.
  • At the beginning of the program, clients reported that, on average, stuttering had a negative impact on their lives that was rated as “moderate/severe” while after the program, negative impact was reduced to “mild/moderate.”
  • Clients showed significant gains in ability to communicate in daily situations. They reported greater self-confidence, enthusiasm for life, as well as physical and emotional well-being (self-assessment measures included the stuttering severity instrument (SSI), the Wright & Ayre Stuttering Self-Rating Profile (WASSP), and the Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES)).

At AIS, we use proven methods to help people speak freely and live fearlessly. Over 95% of AIS clients report that they would recommend AIS to a friend who stutters. 

Take a look at our clients' testimonials

Follow-Up Programming Designed For Your Long-Term Success

Follow-up support is essential. The immersion program is the beginning of a longer process of integrating positive changes into your life. We offer a variety of post treatment services to accommodate the differing needs of our clients including individual therapy sessions that can be conducted in person, online, or by phone, in addition to practice/support groups, public speaking workshops, fear reduction workshops, and more. We also treat people who stutter combined with other communication disorders. 

Follow-up sessions provide enhanced success using speech management strategies, the opportunity to problem-solve challenges as they arise, and assistance creating a personal plan for continued progress. 

Practice and Support Groups - All clients who attend one of our programs have unlimited access to our monthly support and practice groups as well as our special speaker series presentations and specialty workshops.

See our Program Calendar for more information about these offerings. 

In addition, the National Stuttering Association (NSA) has many support group chapters across the country. Our long-distance clients can join an NSA group for support. FRIENDS: The National Association of Young People who Stutter offers regional workshops for people who stutter and their families. Contact the NSA and FRIENDS for information about their resources.

Many of our clients have gone on to join Toastmasters which offers local chapters internationally. People from all walks of life and vastly different professions join Toastmasters to hone and strengthen their public speaking skills. 

Start Your Stuttering Therapy Today With AIS

We invite you to schedule a consultation where we will discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and create a plan for helping you on your journey toward becoming an effective, fearless communicator. 

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