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AIS Gala Speaker Featured on Seen and Heard Youth
June 6, 2021
AIS Gala Speaker, Jolie, was featured in an article on the Seen and Heard Youth website. Seen and Heard Youth aims to amplify the voices of exceptional young people, particularly those who have faced challenges due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, physical or intellectual ability, mental illness, or socioeconomic status.
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"Emily Blunt has a responsibility 'to enlighten people' about stuttering"
June 5, 2021
AIS Board Member Emily Blunt discusses stuttering and her involvement with the American Institute for Stuttering. “I feel like I have a real sense of purpose with this foundation because it's so personal to me. I understand the anguish that these kids and adults are going through."
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AIS Elects Five New Board Members And Expands Geographical Reach
January 14, 2021
Read the AIS press release announcing that we have elected five new members to our Board of Directors, all distinguished leaders in business, entrepreneurship, law, and communications, joining from several different regions across the United States.
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The Moment Every Adult Stutterer Dreads
December 8, 2020
AIS Board Chairman, Eric Dinallo, published an Op-Ed in The Atlantic in response to a recent article by John Hedrickson. He shares that Vice President Joe Biden has performed an important service by drawing new attention to stuttering and to the challenges people who stutter face daily.
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Emily Blunt and Carl Herder on NPR in Atlanta
November 23, 2020
Atlanta Clinic Director Carl Herder and AIS Board Member Emily Blunt were interviewed on City Lights with Lois Reitzes to discuss the mission of AIS and Emily’s personal experience with stuttering.
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AIS and Stuttering Featured on CBS46 News in Atlanta
November 19, 2020
AIS Board Member Emily Blunt and Atlanta Clinic Director Carl Herder joined Astrid Martinez to talk about the lived experience of stuttering and the services offered by AIS in Atlanta and across the country.
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