What We Currently Know about Self-Disclosure
July 10, 2024
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Whether you call it “self-disclosure” or you call it “advertising,” the act of informing your listener that you’re someone who stutters is a major and commonly accepted staple of contemporary speech therapy. But where does the idea come from? And how did it become such an oft-recommended best practice?

In this workshop, Los Angeles clinic director Gregory Scott will present a brief overview of the research on self-disclosure, from the foundational “acknowledgement” studies of the early 90s to forthcoming publications on how disclosures play out in the workplace. Participants will come away with a cohesive timeline of how considerations around advertising have evolved and been refined—but also with evidence that self-disclosure remains a highly nuanced and fraught strategy. Those who attend will be encouraged to compare the research with their owned lived experience and to share how self-disclosure has or hasn’t worked for them.

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