Voices Unearthed - Author Series
July 26, 2023
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On July 26 at 6:30, EST please join AIS’s Executive Director Heather Grossman in a discussion with Dori Holte, to discuss and answer questions related to her latest book, VoiceS Unearthed: The Impact of Childhood Intervention on Those Who Continue to Stutter.  

How does intervention with the goal of fixing impact the 20% of children who are not fixed? That was the question she asked of 60 individuals, most who found that recovering from early intervention a greater challenge than the stutter itself. VoiceS Unearthed shares stories of hope and empowering insights into what ultimately contributed to increased engagement and quality of life for many.  

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We encourage you to read VoiceS Unearthed prior to the discussion to make the most of this opportunity. VoiceS Unearthed is available on Amazon – both in print and as an e-book.

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