The Value of The Stuttering Community with John Hendrickson
November 9, 2021
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What value does community hold for people who stutter? Join John Hendrickson, Senior Editor at The Atlantic, and AIS clinician Chaya Goldstein to discuss the impact of the stuttering community. Hear from John how he's been impacted by the community since joining two years ago after interviewing then presidential candidate Joe Biden, and what he's learning while interviewing people who stutter from all over the world while writing his upcoming book Life On Delay.

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John Hendrickson is a Senior Editor at The Atlantic. He was previously an editor at Rolling Stone, Esquire, and The Denver Post. His 2020 Atlantic story about Joe Biden's life as a stutterer was read by over 2 million people and named one of the best articles of the year by Longform. John is now working on a book about stuttering, Life On Delay, and is interviewing people who stutter from all over the world. If you’re interested in participating, please email him at

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