The Five Hindrances of stuttering: A Buddhist perspective
May 8, 2024
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In the Buddhist tradition, the five hindrances—avoidance, desire, agitation, low energy, and doubt—are mental obstacles that impede progress in both life and meditation practice. In this workshop, we’ll explore how these hindrances manifest in our reactions to stuttering.

Often, when stuttering, we experience one or more hindrances in a split-second, influencing our demeanor and causing overwhelm. Through engaging personal narratives, participants will uncover how these hindrances manifest during stuttering episodes. Understanding our experiences with the five hindrances can lead to profound self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Presenter Dr. Shawn Y. Holmes will share her journey of self-discovery, demonstrating how awareness and understanding of these hindrances have transformed her perspective.


Retired dentist Dr. Shawn Y. Holmes, Ph.D. in science education, serves as a mindfulness meditation teacher and adjunct faculty at Royal Roads University’s School of Leadership Studies. Engaged in Buddhist practice since 2018, she has completed multiple multi-year Buddhist Studies programs and participates in silent residential retreats annually. A covert stutterer for most of her life, with the support of her Buddhist practice she is confronting her speaking angst by embracing self-discovery, and is shifting from hiding to acknowledging "I stutter" from a place of empowerment rather than shame.

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