Monthly Adult Therapy Group - Stuttering on YouTube: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly
September 14, 2021
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For better or worse, when humans are grappling with something we feel is too scary or intimidating to mention…we often turn to the Internet first for advice. How to stop stuttering. Ever type something like that into Google? Many of our clients sure have. And more often than not, they found themselves on YouTube, watching some celebrity or a Ted Talk—or maybe just a well-intentioned SLP—delivering an earnest, impassioned message on how to overcome. It’s a common first step in the process of seeking therapy. And it can be a confusing, disheartening, or outright frustrating experience.

For this month’s Tuesday Night Group, join AIS clinician Gregory Scott as he sifts through the “Greatest Hits” of YouTube stutter wisdom.  We’ll find plenty of passion, some strange breathing techniques, superstitions…and maybe—just maybe—even a few exemplary moments of vulnerability and truth. Current and past clients will be invited to share their reactions, and we’ll do lots of debunking along the way. Together, we'll cast a critical eye on what is possibly the Internet's primary offering of help for the person who stutters.

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