NSA Connects: How SLPs Can Help Families with Carl Herder and Nic Brow
February 9, 2024
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Stuttering can present unique challenges for both the child and their family. Navigating stuttering therapy often involves addressing the concerns and questions parents may have. This session aims to empower SLPs with the tools to cultivate open, transparent communication, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of stuttering therapy for both the child and their family. Participants will gain valuable insights into fostering a collaborative and constructive partnership with parents of children on their journey with stuttering.

Carl Herder from the American Institute of Stuttering and Nic Brow from the Sisskin Stuttering Center will lead this interactive conversation hosted by the NSA Professional Relations Committee (Courtney Margulis, Jodi Reinstein, Megan Young, and Catilin Franchini).

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