AIS’ One-Day Therapy Jumpstarter‍
October 21, 2023
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Ever wondered what therapy at AIS is like? Have you tried speech therapy in the past, only to find your results short-lived? Maybe you’re feeling doubtful that anything can actually make talking easier?

At AIS, we’re known for an approach that is radically different from what most people experience in standard speech clinics or with school SLPs. It involves a profound shift in thinking, and it isn’t easily summarized on website or social media channel.

To give folks a taste of what our therapy is like, we’re offering an in-person, one-day workshop to “jumpstart” new clients on their path to easier speech. Intended for those new to therapy—or those returning after a long absence—this immersive workshop will serve as an introduction to AIS’s unique, whole-person approach. AIS Director Dr. Heather Grossman, visiting from our New York City office, will join clinician and LA Clinic Director Gregory Scott to lead a day of thoughtful discussion and real-world speaking challenges.

Participants can expect to:

  • Get to know the core principles of Avoidance Reduction Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy—and to immediately put them into practice, with real-world speaking scenarios, the same day
  • Shift unhealthy negative thoughts and feelings about stuttering
  • Explore ways to reduce physical and emotional struggle while speaking
  • Attempt high-fearing speaking scenarios—such as small talk, mock job interviews, and ordering menu items—alongside supportive therapists and peers who stutter  

The Therapy Jumpstarter will allow those curious about AIS to “sample” a new approach to therapy without commitment or requirement to sign up for one-on-one sessions.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, AIS is offering this event at a significantly reduced fee. Financial assistance is also available.

Those interested in registering can email:

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