A night of connection and music with Amanda Mammana
August 30, 2023
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Join us for a fun evening of connection and music!

This is a free online event and is open to people who stutter and those who are allies in the stuttering community.

We hope you'll join us for a wonderful opportunity to meet Amanda Mammana, who rose to fame by singing - and stuttering - on America’s Got Talent. We'll spend some time connecting and discussing Amanda's experience with stuttering, and she's agreed to play a few songs as well!

Get to know Amanda Mammana:

At the age of 10, Amanda developed a stutter. Once an outgoing kid, she became very shy and insecure. She picked up guitar as a way to escape and began singing a couple months later. Music became her safe place but she still struggled with letting her speaking voice shine.  

As Amanda got older, she battled insecurity and self doubt. Embarrassed by the way that she spoke, she began to feel that her voice didn’t matter. Because of that, she turned to songwriting during a particularly difficult period of anxiety and depression. While singing covers was fun, Amanda quickly realized there’s nothing quite like writing and performing her own songs. Through her writing, Amanda Mammana is able to take pain and doubt and turn them into something authentic and beautiful. Beauty for ashes. Because of singing, she learned that her speaking voice was just as important.  

Amanda Mammana writes songs about the human condition, tapping into the incredible power of faith, hope and perseverance.

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