Four videos of Sid from the AIS intensive program

August 18, 2015
Carl Herder, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCS-F
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Every time a person completes an intensive program here at AIS, we provide them with the videos we recorded during their experience. Sid participated in the July 2015 two-week intensive program and he gave us permission to share all four of his videos. Thank you Sid!On the first day of the intensive program, Sid sat down for a pretreatment interview. He talked about the physical aspects of his stuttering, particularly the tension he feels in his jaw and on his face. He also shared that he was obsessed with how people might react to his stuttering, and this led to fear, anticipatory anxiety, and shame. At the end he points out that his main goal in this program was to become more of a confident person.

The subway challenge is a form of extreme desensitization, and is an optional assignment. We were blown away when every single person in the July program did it!

Sid sat down for another interview on the last day of the program. He talked about how he is now much more positive about his stuttering and even regularly tells people that he stutters. He is excited to go back to college for his sophomore year, and plans to be much more open about his stuttering than he ever has before.

On the last day of the program Sid gave a speech to friends and family about his experience and new outlook on stuttering. He commanded our attention, and spoke with courage and grace.

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