Congratulations to Lazaro Arbos!

January 18, 2013
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Lazaro Arbos

Last night, one of the many American Idol auditions was that of a very brave person who stutters. No doubt, it was the featured audition of the night. Lazaro Arbos has stuttered since he was six years old. He and his family moved from Cuba to Florida when he was ten. He is now 21 years old and works as an ice cream scooper in Naples, FL. All of us here at the American Institute for Stuttering were eager to watch the audition last night, and we were touched by his story. Lazaro is truly a talented singer, and an inspiration to people who stutter. We are thrilled to follow him on his journey with American Idol and beyond!See below for links to other news about Lazaro's groundbreaking audition.Lazaro Arbos's audition is all over the news today. Check out who's talking about Lazaro:

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