January 22, 2013
Carl Herder, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCS-F
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The January 2013 intensive therapy program here at AIS will come to an end this Friday. We've regularly encouraged these clients to think of this therapy experience as the beginning, rather than the end. After all, the meaning of commencement is, "a start, or a beginning." As such, at the end of the week, they will experience a true commencement. They'll leave this place with a new mindset, and a new set of strategies for mentally and physically managing their stuttering.Incidentally, we actually heard from a past client this week, and he shared this video with us. Matt Comite participated in an intensive therapy program in August 2006. Shortly after, he began college at Binghamton University, where he became active in a fraternity, intramural sports, campus residential living, and working with the athletics department. As you'll hear in the video, Matt loves sports! More importantly though, he obviously made an impact in Binghamton, because he was selected to be the undergraduate student speaker in the Fall 2012 commencement. Below you'll see a video of Matt giving this speech. What a tremendous achievement. We are so proud of you Matt! Here's to another wonderful beginning!

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