BuzzFeed: 25 Things All People Who Stutter Will Understand

November 14, 2014
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Thats all folks Buzz Feed

On October 29th, the topic of stuttering made the rounds on social media with the BuzzFeed article, "25 Things All People Who Stutter Will Understand." People throughout the stuttering community voiced their opinions about the piece, with many feeling a sense of truth and understanding. We agree that the piece captures stuttering in a truthful light, and with a twist of humor from BuzzFeed's GIFs.Many people were curious about the author of the BuzzFeed article, Alexis Nedd. Jacquelyn Revere acted on that question and interviewed Ms. Nedd on her StutterGirl Vlog. Ms. Nedd shared that one of the categories of articles they write at BuzzFeed is called an ID post, where the author takes apart something he/she identifies with. Because she is a person who stutters, it seemed obvious to her stuttering would be a great topic. Check out the interview below!

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