AIS Public Speaking Workshop Series: Check out this inside look from David

July 29, 2014
Carl Herder, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCS-F
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AIS began offering monthly public speaking workshops in January and they have been a huge success! These workshops aim to give past and present clients an opportunity to hone their public speaking skills. AIS client, David Louisia, gives us an inside look at his most recent speech from the June workshop. This workshop focused on incorporating body language to enhance public speaking. If you’re thinking about joining us, but not sure what to expect, check out this video and see the Q&A with David below.

Q: David, can you tell us a little about yourself?A: My name is David Louisia and I stutter. I’m a very motivated individual and always enjoy a good challenge. My love of science and fascination with the human body inspires me to become a physician. I enjoy working on electronics, dissembling, repairing, and seeing how they work. I attend stuttering support groups as much as I can. I love being in the positive environment and the awesome people I get to meet.Q: What made you sign up for a public speaking workshop?A: I enjoy challenging myself by doing things I would not normally do. When I received the email from AIS offering a public speaking workshop I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve always had a fear of public speaking and I knew AIS was the best place to overcome it.Q: What have you gained from these workshops? A: First and foremost I’ve overcome my fear of public speaking. Preparing a speech, delivering it, and surviving the experience unscathed and without remorse greatly reduced the anxiety I had about public speaking. Working in a group setting and achieving the goals I set each workshop increased my confidence. I’ve also increased my organizational skills. Each speech required organizing my notes and then bringing everything together coherently to form a beginning, middle and end.Q: Have you been able to take what you gained from the workshops and use it outside AIS?A: Absolutely. Since starting the workshop I give a sermon at my church once a month. I prepare my sermons the same way I prepare my speeches. I am not the most qualified person but my adequate preparation and high level of confidence results in a memorable experience for both the congregation and myself. I had the chance to sit in on a local toastmasters meeting. I gave a short speech and it felt like I was at AIS. No nervousness, no thinking about stuttering, just me being myself saying what's on my mind.Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about signing up?A: There is no better place to work on public speaking then AIS. You are surrounded by positive enthusiastic individuals who all want to see you do well. You are in a relaxed, comfortable environment free of the pressures that accompany speaking in a professional or academic setting.

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